Image of a chalkboard with mutli-colored stick figures holding hands and the word "together" above.

Miscellaneous Photos

Union State Bank is a proud contributor to our local community events. From little league to regional celebrations, we support our friends and neighbors. To find out more about Union State Bank's community partnering initiatives, click here.
Photo of a young baseball player wearing a Union State Bank team uniform. Photo by The Focused Image Photo.
Spring Youth Baseball
Photo of Union State Bank staff Jesse Morris, Cory Helmer, Brad Bryant, and Eric Kurtz holding an oversized check made out to United Way for $10,656.
United Way staff pledge
Photo of boy lifting up younger sister so that she can deposit an envelope in the night drop box.
Little helpers
Photo of Union State Bank Market President Brad Bryant and Arkansas City Habitat for Humanity representative Curt Freeland holding an oversized check for $1,000.
Arkansas City Habitat for Humanity 
Photo of a little league soccer team with text: Union State Bank 2021, Arkansas City Youth Soccer Association, photo by The Focused Image Photography.
Spring Youth Soccer
Photo of Rusty at the Union State Bank booth during the ReMax customer appreciation event in Winfield.
Buterbaugh & Handlin Customer Appreciation Event