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Tired of getting all that mail?

eStatements are a smarter and greener way to get your bank statements.

  • FREE!
  • PAPERLESS – Say NO to excess paper and go green!
  • FASTER – Access your statement a day earlier, without waiting for snail mail.
  • SECURE – Retrieve your statement online via secure login.
The benefits of Union State Bank estatements. Green, by eliminating that monthly piece of paper. Secure, by reducing the chance of mail theft. Rewarding, as one of the qualification requirements for Kasasa rewards checking.

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You will need to be enrolled in Online Banking.

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Already enrolled in Online Banking? Singing up for eStatements is easy!

Step 1: Login to your online banking using the device from which you'll be viewing your statements.

Step 2: Under Settings / Statement Delivery select the pencil next to the desired account and update the delivery type to e-Statement.

Step 3: Verify or add an email address and click “Save”. You are now enrolled in this FREE and secure service!