A close up of a supreme style pizza.

National Pizza Party Day

There is really only one debate when it comes to National Pizza Party Day; thick or thin crust? Almost like choosing which on-the-go method is your favorite way to bank! Online banking, mobile banking, or telephone banking; all are great ways to stay connected to Union State Bank. Find out more about our electronic banking services here.
The Ark City main team enjoying some pizza!
Ezzy & Dallas - Ark City Main
The Ark City Midtown team ready for pizza!
Mercedes & Shelby - Ark City Midtown
The Winfield Main team ready for pizza!
Cory, Amanda & Savanah - Winfield Main
USB team members enjoying pizza.
Kylee & Ashley - Ark City Main
The Winfield Drive team ready for pizza!
Thaly, Kamicia, Rusty & Tania - Winfield 9th
Clayton Pappan enjoying National Pizza Party day.
Clayton - Ark City Main
The Winfield South team ready for pizza!
Autumn, Alex, Angel & Jesse - Winfield South
The Ark City North team ready for pizza!
Missy, Brandy, Kitra & Caela - Ark City North